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Tan Chong Insurance Business Stream (TCIBS) is a business division of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad. We have been established more than 50 years in the insurance industry and today is a leading professional insurance consultancy based company providing all classes of General and Life insurance for individual, families and corporations in Malaysia.


TC Warranty Plus

What is TC Warranty Plus?

TC Warranty Plus is an extended warranty program that provides coverage for the cost of repair/replacement of parts (including labour) of your vehicle caused by a breakdown or failure of a mechanical or electrical part, provided that our liability in is any one period of insurance.

Benefits to Customers

  • Affordable premium from as low as RM1.09 per day.
  • One time premium for up to 4 years coverage.

  • Easy Payment Scheme at 0% interest for up to 12 months.

  • Assured replacement of genuine Nissan parts up to 7 years.

  • Preserved used car resale value as TC Warranty Plus is transferable.

  • Inflation of spare parts replacement costs is taken care of extended warranty purchased up front.

  • Fast claim and waiver of adjuster for claim amount below RM5,000.


Eligibility, Coverage, and Warranty Period


Selling Price


Early Bird Promotion

Early Bird Promo valid from 1/8/17 to 31/10/17

Customers enrolled in any one warranty program i.e. EW150, EW200 or EW25 will receive a FREE set of Petrol Engine Refresh worth for RM74.


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Optional Motor Insurance Coverage Extensions

TCIBS also offers extension of additional coverage aside from the usual comprehensive motor insurance to customers. The coverage includes Windscreen extension, Special Perils, Legal Liability to Passengers (LLP), Legal Liability of Passengers to Third Part (LLOP) and Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion (SRCC).

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  • Q1: What is motor/automotive insurance?
    Motor/automotive insurance is purchased to ensure your vehicle’s value is covered fully/partially for compensation in the event of an accident/disaster.
  • Q2: Is it mandatory to have car insurance?
    Yes, it is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act to get your car insured as soon as you purchase it.
  • Q3: What type of motor insurance should you purchase for your newly purchased car?
    It is very important to purchase a comprehensive motor insurance policy so that your car would be fully/partially covered in the event of accident claims either/both by 3rd party or/and own damage as per stated in the policy. For coverage beyond your basic comprehensive motor insurance policy, you can choose to purchase extension of insurance coverage on top of your existing policy.
  • Q4: Why should you purchase motor/automobile insurance from TCIBS?
    TCIBS has more than 50 years of experience in this business and is supported by a panel of reputable insurance companies who is able to give professional proposal for the best package to ensure your risks are safeguarded.
  • Q5: In the event of car breakdown, will TCIBS be able to assist?
    Yes. Just call the toll-free INSURANCE number at 1800-88-2268 (24 hours) or TCIBS Call Centre at 1800-888-185, during office hours from 8.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 1.00pm on Saturday (except for Sunday and Public Holiday) for assistance.
  • Q6: How to get more information about TCIBS insurance package?
    You may call at our TCIBS Call Centre at 1800-888-185, during office hours from 8.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 1.00pm on Saturday (except for Sunday and Public Holiday), whereby we have a fleet of well trained and committed personnel to provide you with valuable advices on our insurance packages and its benefits or contact us by way of an email at
  • Q7: Will there be a fee charged for towing services?
    Under our 9+2 Benefit Plan, we provide FREE towing services for breakdown up to RM300/- per tow.
  • Q8: What is this 9+2 Benefits Plan?
    This Plan provides an array of benefits which customers can enjoy when they renew their insurance with TCIBS regardless of their vehicle make. Through these benefits, customers can save time & cost when it matters the most.
  • Q9: In what circumstances is your motor vehicle considered underinsured?
    When the insured sum of the vehicle is less than its market value at the time of loss/accident. This is strongly NOT recommended.
  • Q10: What will happen when your vehicle is underinsured?
    When a claim arises, you have to bear the difference between the insured amount and the ratable proportion of the loss when the market value of the vehicle at the time of loss exceeds the insured value by 10%.
  • Q11: What is the meaning of Excess in an insurance policy?
    This means that policyholder is liable for an agreed amount towards the cost of repair in the event of any claims.
  • Q12: What is the meaning of Loading in an insurance policy?
    Loading is an amount surcharged to a policy holder on top of the normal premium payable.
  • Q13: What is betterment charge?
    Betterment charge is the portion of the parts cost borne by the insured upon replacement of a newer or better part in the event of an accident repair claim.
  • Q14: What is ISM?
    ISM-ABI (Automotive Business Intelligence) range of services is the only independent Malaysian owned vehicle market valuation provider in the country. They provide current intelligence on the automotive sector and vehicles on the Malaysia road including exact specifications and current market value. They are able to provide new and used cars current market values, latest vehicle specification information and automotive sector reports.
  • Q15: How can TCIBS help you to tackle your problems of forgetting your insurance expiry date?
    Our business support centre will send reminders through SMS and follow up calls 45 days before the expiry of your policy.
  • Q16: What do you have to bring along for renewal of vehicle insurance?
    For all TCIBS existing customers, all they have to bring is their Renewal Notice.?As for the new customers, they have to bring with them the Renewal Notice from their existing insurer, original registration card (if road tax renewal service is required), identity card and the previous insurance policy (if available).

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