Factory Facilities

Nissan & Tan Chong Factory Facilities

Since our founding in 1933, we've grown to become a worldwide corporation with a diverse range of products – cars, trucks, forklifts, motorboats and even rockets.

TCMH Group operates two manufacturing and assembly plants in Malaysia. Each plant employs some of the most advanced automotive technologies and systems to deliver ultimate safety and excellent performance vehicles.

Here is a sneak peek into the stringent manufacturing process of a Nissan vehicle:

Body Shop

The Body Shop is where a Nissan vehicle starts its journey. This is where the chassis is built in an almost automated, ISO9001-certified environment using state-of-the-art technologies.

Paint Shop

The Paint Shop takes up the bulk of manufacturing a Nissan vehicle. There are 31 individual steps to ensure your car is built to perfection with a flawless finish, thus, creating a masterpiece.


Here is where qualified technicians fit the engines - cockpit module and all of the final fittings. At the end of this process, the vehicle is ready to be on the road but with a few more tests.

Quality Inspection

Your car goes under the microscope at this stage - if flaws are found, it is back to the relevant manufacturing stage to be rectified immediately.

Test Track

Twelve types of road surfaces and 2 obstacles provide the first running test a Nissan vehicle has to take on. Faults (if any) are identified and then rectified. Every Nissan vehicle goes through stringent/strict tests to ensure a pleasurable drive.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

When a Nissan vehicle gets off the manufacturing line, it is then placed on the Pre-Delivery Inspection line where every inch of the car is once again scrutinised by our Quality Technicians.