Nissan Global Alliances

Nissan Global Alliances

Signed on March 27, 1999, the Renault-Nissan Alliance has built a unique business model that has created significant values for both companies. For 10 years, employees at Renault and Nissan have taken great pride in their work and cultivated mutual respect whilst keeping separate brands and corporate identities.

The Alliance has developed and implemented a strategy of profitable growth and set itself the following three objectives:

  • To be recognised by customers as one of the best three automotive groups in its products and services’ value and quality in each region and market segment
  • To be among the best three automotive groups in key technologies with each partner being a leader in specific domains of excellence
  • To consistently generate a total operating profit among the top three automotive groups in the world; by maintaining a high operating profit margin and pursuing growth.

In 2008, the global sales amounted to more than 6 million vehicles and represented 9.4% of the worldwide market.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance ranks among the world's leading top five automakers. It includes five brands: Nissan and Infiniti for the Nissan group and Renault, Dacia and Samsung for the Renault group.

On the strength of the numerous synergies generated by the Alliance since its establishment and the performance of both companies, Renault and Nissan has definitely asserted their ambitions for the future.