Nissan Green Program

Nissan Green Program

The Nissan Green Program was implemented as a means of achieving the company's environmental philosophy: Symbiosis of People, Vehicles and Nature.

The program promotes activities not only in development and manufacturing departments associated with the production of automobiles, but also in sales, service, and all other departments company-wide. In specific terms, this program ensures that environmental action plans are formulated, that targets and aims relating to business activities and associated indirectly with the environment are set for mid-term, long-term, and yearly periods, and that every possible effort is made to achieve sustainable improvement.


Nissan Green Program 2016

We announced our new six-year environmental action plan, Nissan Green Program (NGP2016) on Oct. 24, 2011.

Rising population and developing economies mainly in emerging markets arouse concerns about energy / resource supply, price hike, and environmental impact rise. NGP2016 focuses on reducing environmental impact of corporate activities and pursuing harmony between resource consumption and ecology by promoting and widening the application of green technologies that were developed in NGP2010, our previous environmental action plan, and contributing to recycling-based society.?Also, NGP2016 is one of the critical strategies that supports Nissan Power 88, a midterm plan that was unveiled this June.

In the long term, even with its plans to increase sales volume globally, by promoting the activities which fall under the Nissan Green Program, Nissan forecasts that CO2 emissions from our new vehicles and corporate activities will peak in the 2020s, and then subside, while the volume of new natural resources use will be maintained at the level of the 2010s.